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Trust Publications

To order any of the following items please contact the Administrator on:

01223 356841

The Crossroads of Asia: transformation in image and symbol in the art of ancient Afghanistan and Pakistan, eds. E. Errington and J. Cribb. Cambridge: Ancient India and Iran Trust, 1992 (£40)

F. R. A. Allchin, B. Allchin, F. A. Durrani and M. Farid Khan (eds.)  Lewan and the Bannu Basin: Excavation and Survey of sites and environments in North West Pakistan. Oxford: BAR International Series 310, 1986 (£28)

F. R. A. and B. Allchin, The Birth of Indian Civilization, 2nd edition. Delhi: Penguin Books, 1993 (£15)

F. R. A. and B. Allchin, The Origins of a Civilization. Delhi: Viking, 1995 (£30)

F. R. Allchin, The Archaeology of Early Historic South Asia. Cambridge: CUP 1995. (Paperback: £30; hardback £40)

F. R, Allchin and B. Allchin, From the Oxus to Mysore in 1951: the start of a great partnership in Indian scholarship.  Kilkerran (Scotland): Hardinge Simpole, 2012. (Paperback: £15)

Gandharan Art in Context: East-West Exchanges at the Crossroads of Asia, eds. F. R. A. Allchin, B. Allchin, Neil Kreitman, E. Errington. Cambridge: Ancient India and Iran Trust Delhi; Delhi: Regency Publications, 1997 (£50)

South Asian Archaeology, ed. Joan Van Lohuizen, Leiden: Brill, 1973 (£40)

South Asian Archaeology, ed. Bridget Allchin. Cambridge: CUP, 1981 (£40)

South Asian Archaeology - index 1971-1991. F. R. Allchin, Napoli 1997 (£10)


Duplicate Books Available for Sale

A list of duplicate books categorised into field of interest is currently being revised and will be posted on the new website, when it is up and running. Enquiries should be addressed to the Librarian.

The Librarian
The Ancient India & Iran Trust
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01223 702095

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